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About Baltic Amber Baby

I am a mother of 2, my son Thomas who is 4 and my daughter Rhiannan who began teething at 3 and a half months.  A girlfriend of mine recommended that I try an amber teething necklace to help her through the teething stage. Now I have to be honest, I had never heard of these and I was a little skeptical about this product making any difference for her. However, within 24 hours I noticed a dramatic difference! She was drooling half the amount, she was sleeping better through the night and she was generally much happier!  I was quite surprised to see results in less than 6 hours of her wearing one and others noticed a difference as well, which gave me relief, as I thought, I could just be looking for any positive changes in her lol!
Since she began wearing one, I have only had to give her little Tylenol or Advil on a few occassions, as these are not a curative and I have had no issues with her pulling at the necklace or trying to eat it.  She doesn’t even know it is there.  I never worry about her choking on it, as I am always around to keep an eye on her and I remove it at night and wrap it around her ankle. When she was smaller, I would just put a sock over it so it would not fall off.  I notice that when she isn’t wearing one and she is teething, she is fussy, a poor eater and sleeper and generally, not her happy self.
I know any mother would love a product that did this for their little ones because a happy baby makes a happy mother!
These necklaces also make great gifts and can become a keepsake for your kids!

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