All about Amber

Amber is a resin produced from pine trees millions of years ago.  It is collected in and around the Baltic Sea.  Europians have used amber for centuries and believed it had magical healing powers.  Of course back then, they didn’t realize that amber contains an acid called Succinic Acid, which was the reason behind the ambers healing abilities.

Succinic Acid is found naturally in our bodies and in plants.  It plays a vital role in our metabolic processes and in cellular respiration.  It acts as a powerful antioxidant, ridding the body of toxins and free radicals.  It stimulates neural system recovery, boosts our immune system, compensates for low energy levels in our brain and body, thus increasing alertness and awareness, concentration and reflexes.  It also decreases stress, has a calming effect and has been proven equal or better than many commercial drugs in many health and wellness areas.  Amber balances a persons mood and lessens depression and has a positive effect on the heart, nervous system and the kidneys.

Succinc acid produces negative ions which help to ease pain and stimulate the healing process.  It acts as a natural anesthetic and possesses anti inflammatory properties.  The Europians used amber has a natural antibiotic and a general curative for many ailments from bowel problems to rheumatism.

It also acts as an antispasmodic, which helps to dry up mucous secretions in the nose and chest, which can shorten the amount of time a cold hangs around.  It helps to dry up salivia during teething, thus decreasing the amount of spit up caused by the extra salivia in the stomach.

Does the color matter?  No.  There are a few websites out there that say the lighter is better.  The company that I buy my amber from in Europe, has informed me of this:

“Dear Roni,

I do not believe that one or another color have more or less “succinic acid”.

Ones who claims opposite doubtfully has any scientific documented proof.

Rumors say that lemon honey have most of it. Personally I think

most healing qualities comes from dark, green, gray amber…”

This goes to show you it is all about opinion.  All amber has Succinic acid approximately 8% per weight.  If it works, thats all that matters:)

There are 2 types of amber, raw and polished. Raw amber is unpolished, untreated, natural amber, whereas, polised has been treated to give it shine, therefore, it may be possible that raw amber is stronger than the polished.  It is said that raw amber has great effects on newborns who are colic or have gas.