Order Baltic Amber Products

Butter baroque amber necklace 25.50
Honey bean baby amber necklace 22.50

Dark raw amber baby necklace 25,50

Adult butter bean necklace 20 inches 30.50

Multi bean teething necklace 25.50

Green adult elastic bracelet 20.50

Butter baroque baby set, bracelet 5.5  inches long non elastic 42.50

Multi bean Elastic baby bracelet available in elastic and clasp, please clarify 17.50
Multi bean amber baby necklace SOLD OUT
Honey lemon Elastic adult bracelet 21.50

Maple glow small bean amber baby necklace SOLD OUT

Honey bean baby bracelet approx 5.5 inches, with clasp 16.00
Raw nugget amber baby necklace SOLD OUT

Adult Multi mix elastic bracelet 21.50
Adult multi nugget necklace, approx 23 inches 33.50
Vanilla and Cream adult elastic bracelet 21.50

Mommy and me bracelet set 35.50

Baby necklace/bracelet set SOLD OUT
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Adult raw nugget necklace approx 19 inches 33.00