What We Sell

Amber teething necklaces and bracelets

All of the amber used in these necklaces and bracelets are authentic, natural Baltic amber stones, not plastic, synthetic, artificial or any substitute for amber.These necklaces are genuine, authentic amber teething necklaces from the Baltic region in Europe. Do not be fooled by fakes!!

The style I currently sell in the necklaces is called bean and nugget and bean in my bracelets.  The baby necklaces are 12.5-13 inches and the baby bracelets are 5-6 inches long.  I also carry adult bracelets and necklaces, as there are many benefits to wearing amber for adults. If you suffer from headaches, low energy levels, even some stomach and bowel problems and more,  amber is for you.  I also carry Hazelwood bracelets and necklaces for adults and necklaces for children. If you suffer from indigestion, heartburn, headaches, anxiety and skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis, you should buy a hazelwood product. These products have been known to clear up skin problems within 6 days!

The amber pieces in the teething necklaces are knotted in between to prevent choking hazard if the necklace was to break, as only one piece of amber would fall off. This is not toxic if swallowed!  Every necklace uses twist screw closure, clasp or strong plastic twist clasp for safety. The hazelwood is a not the twist clasp type, rather the magnetic or the clip closure

The necklace can be used from 8 weeks and up, the earlier the better, this way they will not even know it is there and will be less likely pull on it or play with it.  Be sure to keep the necklace  underneath the clothing, this way it is more secure and closer to the skin for better absorption of the oils in the amber.

It is recommended that you remove the necklace from the baby’s neck at night and wrap it around her/his ankle.

These necklaces and bracelets are not intended to be bitten or chewed on.

The cost of the necklaces and bracelets include S&H to anywhere.

Prices (all prices in Canadian Dollars):